Nyungwe is a language spoken in west central Mozambique. No real statistic has been verified as to number of speakers - somewhere between 300,000 and 500,000 probably (loosely based on census stats for districts where Nyungwe is likely to be spoken). Sample Nyungwe texts can be found at LIDEMO.NET . In addition to these publications, there is a dictionary and grammar volume published in 1899/1900 by the Catholics. More recently, there is a grammar/dictionary done by the Combonianos.

The Nyungwe Bible translation project has been underway for decades - off and on. There is an OLD Catholic translation, out of print and somewhat archaic in language and orthography I've seen it, but don't have a copy. There were attempts at translation from outside the language area in the '90s. Finally in 1999 a translation committee agreed to take on the task with the help of SIL for technical support in Mozambique.

The books of Jonah, Luke, Mark and Titus have been published, but copies are hard to find these days.

The books of Genesis and Ephesians could be published and SHOULD be published soon - we await word that the books are done.

Exodus, 1 Timothy and John still need some technical revision to be published.

Romans and Acts are in process.

Matthew is being drafted as I write this!

Our goal is to finish the New Testament + Genesis and Exodus to be published in 2017. We appreciate your prayers!

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