Me and Mine

My husband and I met in Maputo, Mozambique in 1996. It was an arranged meeting, I guess. We worked on the same project in the same office. We joke that they assigned us to the same desk, but gave us two chairs. The office was very small. It didn't take us long to admit that our feelings were mutual. A year later we were married, living in Sweden and dreaming of returning to Mozambique to work on a translation and literacy project together.

In 1998 we arrived in Tete, Mozambique. October 30th, I think. We had loaded our Land-cruiser with a big air-conditioner, a new fridge, a good mattress, and lots of books. Everything else we acquired along the way over the years, including three children, a few pets, many homes (never owned, but always loved), and dear, dear friends.

We live in all our worlds one at a time - Keeping our hearts where we are more than where we have been. Sweden. USA. Mozambique. Anywhere we stay for more than two weeks becomes a home to our well-traveled kids. We are thankful for the life God has given us. We are privileged to know some of the greatest people in the world. If you are one of them, thanks for being there. You have made our journey richer by taking the time to know us.

This blog is a reflection of my own thoughts and opinions as a result of my experience. I might be mistaken in my assumptions about life around me, but I am still learning. I welcome comments from those who care to share.

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