Wednesday, August 23, 2017


 First of all, let me say I LOVE the people who work at the Tete Provincial Library. They know me and know how I feel about some of the policies they have to abide by. There are children's books among others. There are shelves of books displayed and organized. There is lovely natural lighting from the big windows, clean bathrooms and even air-conditioning (when the power allows it). The staff are knowledgeable and can be friendly. I don't want to bash the library. There aren't really bookstores around, so a library is a big step towards helping people have access to books!

Provincial Library

I just want to point out a few things about this context here that might help those of you who don't live here in Mozambique understand what "access to literature" might be like. 

Sign at the entrance

Necessary requisites for entering the library: 
  Personal ID:  ID, passport, student card or 
  driver's license

Entrance denied to persons wearing:
  shorts, flip-flops, 
  tops, messy hair

NOTE: All library patrons should be clean. 

Silence - in the reading room
Stack of books, but NOT the reading room.
These are closed behind another set of doors.
You get to look at a list of titles, and staff will get a book for you from this room.

Little Zebra Books and our reading groups don't replace libraries.
We create another place right in communities full of kids who might not be able to get to the library! 

Barefoot or flip-flop-wearing...
Strapless shirts or even shorts...
Messy hair... 
Sandy toes...


ACCESSIBLE literature!

We have also donated some of our books to the library! 
So if some clean, neatly dressed children show up, they can read our books, too!

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