Thursday, August 6, 2009

Divide a circle in 11 equal parts...

Today I left the kids at school for the penultimate time this term. I drove straight to the house of Q, my guard/worker on the Hill. He has been waiting on rocks... that got sorted out later. Today, I was in search of SHADE! For $8 I can get 4 3-meter poles... we bought 3 bunches. I hauled them home to Q's since he wasn't sure if he'd get them secured on the Hill before sundown. Apparently, someone will steal them if we leave them lying around up there.

"I want it here. Make a circle from this center. Shift it if you have to and dig for the poles."
"Do you want a door?"
"No, just poles and a roof. Can we do it?"
"Yes, maam. No problem."

I headed to town to hunt down a load of rock for the foundation of the guardhouse. Once it is built, Q will move his family to the Hill. His family consists of a wife and various relatives that seem to be rotating in and out of town. Some brothers, some brothers-in-law, some 5 year olds and 10 year olds... we just never know who will be around! At least Q isn't leaving the place unstaffed!

When I got back to the Hill, I found Q and a brother-in-law. They had been digging holes for the poles... 11 holes around a shakey circle. (They had asked me to bring string so they could measure properly.) We did make a round circle... then, since they had to re-dig the holes, I asked why 11 poles? Well, we have 12 poles and they need one for the middle.

I think that is good use of resources. If they have the poles, they want to use them... if they need just one more, they have to buy 4 more. I wanted evenly spaced poles, so I helped them divide the circumference into 12 parts... 8 was too far apart they say. Since I have a lot of money, I can buy the extra poles. I sort of wanted shade somewhere else, too. Summer is coming!

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