Thursday, April 14, 2011

What workshop?

Nyungwe team is far side on left: 3 guys in white shirts
We came up to Nampula to attend a workshop with our translation team. They are studying principles of translation and how communication is a part of the process. How does the context of the Biblical passage determine the meaning? and How does our present day context determine the understanding of the text? I think it has been a good week for them. Mikael is in the workshop with them as a participant, though he has had the material before. This time it is being taught by an African for Africans, so he gains some insight into their perspective on communication. Should be enlightening!

During this week, I've been taking care of some paperwork for conference planning, thinking about sending out a newsletter, taking care of the house and kids, and enjoying the fellowship of friends. We work with some pretty special people, but we are usually "together" from a distance in this job. Nampula is a place where the training center brings us together in these times. It is good.

Our kids are also enjoying the time here. They have "Spring Break" for nearly 4 weeks! That is why we could take the time to come up and enjoy the teaching and fellowship. They have FRIENDS in Nampula... Seven little boys between the ages of 9 and 3! And, a girl just a year older than Katie! So, they run and climb cashew trees where they can jump off on a long rope swing. They have bikes to ride in a safe place. They have a playground with monkey bars! They have a children's library on campus at the Morningstar School! Books!!! Time to read in the hammock slung under the guava tree! Ah, freedom!

Snail outside our door after the rain... it is as big as my fist!
So, though the road was long and rough to get here, we are enjoying a break from the routine of Tete. Hopefully next week, after the workshop, we will be able to spend a few days at the beach 3 hours away! Considering the nearest beach to Tete is about 9 hours drive, we prefer to visit the beach up here!

Thanks for your prayers as we finish the workshop and discuss our team roles during the next period of the project. It is good to look at things from different perspectives and take steps to improve our teamwork!

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